Probation Questions/Facts

Can my Probation be transferred?

Generally, yes, however just recently, it is further mandated that the presiding Judge must approve transfer requests.  If you reside in another state or county, you may request to have your probation transferred to your local jurisdiction. However, transfers are subject to approval by the receiving jurisdiction, depending on a number of different criteria. There is also a mandatory transfer fee of $125.00, payable prior to transfer (for out-of-state transfer requests). Probationers who are allowed to transfer to other states or counties are required to abide by the local rules of probation as well as Johnson County Adult Probation rules.

Can I leave the State of Indiana while on probation?

Probationers cannot leave the State of Indiana without approval from their Probation Officer.

Are my records public information?

Adult criminal conviction information is in the public domain, and may be accessed by anyone through the Clerk’s Office. However, specific personal data and information utilized by the Probation Department is not available to the public.

Does my employer have to know I’m on probation?

In certain cases, you or your officer may be court ordered to disclose conviction information to specific individuals such as employers, spouses, etc. Employers may contact the Probation Department, and will be advised of public information if requested.

How do I pay my fees?

All Court related fees, including restitution and the Substance Abuse Evaluation fee, are paid through the Johnson County Clerk on the first floor of the Courthouse. They may also be mailed (money order only) to: Johnson County Clerk, Courthouse 1st Floor, 5 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, IN 46131. ALL PROBATION FEES are paid at the probation department, at the front window in the lobby. We do accept Visa or Mastercard payments, however, there is a 3.5% convenience charge added to credit card payments.

Does the Clerk’s Office take personal checks or credit cards?

The Clerk’s Office will accept only cash or money orders. If you are mailing in your payment, make sure to write your cause number on the money order. This is the number that appears on all of your court information, such as 41xxx-xxxx-xxxxxx.

What if I have a “No Contact” order?

You must not have or attempt to have any contact with the person or place. If that person tries to contact you, do not agree to make contact. Tell your Probation Officer immediately.

What is Violation of Probation?

* When you fail to follow the conditions of your probation it is a violation of probation.

* If you fail to follow any of your conditions or you get arrested for committing a new crime, your Probation Officer may return your case to court.

* There will be a court hearing and if a violation is proved, you may be sentenced to jail. (*note: if you are on active probation, remember that you are not earning credit time towards your suspended sentence like you would in a jail sentence*)

* If a Petition to Revoke Probation is filed in court, the Court can either issue a summons to appear in court or an arrest warrant.

Tips for completing probation successfully:

* Review and understand all of your conditions of probation.

* Think before you act. Slow yourself down and think a few steps ahead.

* Surround yourself with law-abiding people who really want to see you do well, such as friends, family, co-workers, and formal support groups.

* Take ownership of your probation by becoming an active participant.

* Be open to the guidance from your Probation Officer.

* The responsibility for making changes in your life is yours.