All Hazards Preparedness

Johnson County Health Department has taken an active role in emergency preparedness. Activities have included collaborating with other local health departments to develop emergency plans, coordinating emergency response agencies, as well as attending in-service trainings. Preparedness is moving in a new direction. The focus will be centered around all hazards planning and training.

Emergency Preparedness Employees

Name Phone Email
Elizabeth Swearingen, Preparedness Coordinator  (317) 346-4374
Jennifer Warner, Assistant Preparedness Coordinator  (317) 346-4376

All Hazards Preparedness Helpful Links

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Bureau of Investigation

American Red Cross
US Department of Justice

Safe Driving in Inclement  Weather

Flood Safety Guide
Indiana Department of Homeland Security

For more information contact Betsy Swearingen at 317) 346-4374 or