Air Quality

Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Frequently Asked Questions

This service provides Johnson County residents educational information as well as limited testing and analysis in order to evaluate more comprehensively the issues related to indoor air quality including mold, radon, formaldehyde, and other poisonous gases.  Testing and information are provided free to Johnson County residents.

Does the Health Department test for mold?

We do not specifically test for mold but we do provide inspections of your home or business to help determine the quality of the air and solutions for fixing troubling issues.

How much does it cost for an indoor air inspection of my home or business?

The service is free to residents of Johnson County.

Besides mold, what other indoor air contaminants can affect the quality of the air in my home or business?

Contaminants such as carbon monoxide, sewer gas, natural gas, radon, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde are just a few things that can affect air quality.  The JCHD has the ability to test for all of these issues.

What do I do about open burning in my neighborhood?

As a general rule, open burning is not allowed in Johnson County, however, the JCHD can address this problem on a case by case basis.

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