Insects & Rodents

Insect & Rodent Control Frequently Asked Questions

In cooperation with the Johnson County Commissioners and the Marion County Health & Hospital Corporation, the Johnson County Health Department provides mosquito control services for Johnson County. Our adulticide program is in assistance with the Marion County Health & Hospital Corporation and requires that you call our office to place your address on a list. The list is then given to Marion County vector control specialists, who subsequently spray your area.

What are the conditions that contribute to mosquitoes?*

BirdbathMosquitoes must have warm, often shallow, nutrient-rich, stagnant water to reproduce. Tour your property & eliminate situations that contribute the above conditions i.e. non-draining gutters, birdbaths, tree holes, rimless tires, pool covers, bottles, & cups. Mosquitoes only need a 1/4 inch or more of water to transform from egg to adult. Homeowners should flush out birdbaths once a week to prevent mosquito breeding.

How can I help prevent Hantavirus?

RatsWhen excessive rodent droppings are observed, wet them down with a 9 to 1 solution of bleach water first, before you disturb the area. (9 parts water, 1 part bleach)

What should I do if I find a tick attached to my person?

  •        Remove the tick using tweezers; apply an even, upward force.
  •        No bare hand contact, if tweezers are unavailable use gloves or tissue.
  •        Place the tick in a container with a drop of moisture.
  •        Keep tick for 2 weeks.
  •        Should you develop symptoms (unexplained rash).
  •        Notify your doctor

What type of clothing should I wear to help prevent tick attachment?

Light in color, tightly woven fabric is best. Your pant legs should be tucked into your socks or boots if at all possible.

*Adapted from Allen County Health Department web site.
For more information contact Bob Smith at 317) 346-4372 or