Birth Certificate Application

WARNING: I.C. 16-1-9-6 – False application, alteration, mutilating, or counterfeiting Indiana birth certificates is a criminal offense.

Only if you were born in Johnson County can you get a birth certificate from the Johnson County Health Department. The Health Department has records for persons born in the county, not necessarily for persons living in the county. Please be advised that the only hospital in Johnson County is Johnson Memorial Hospital. If you were born at Community South Hospital or St. Francis Hospital, you were born in Marion County and therefore this office will not have your birth certificate. Persons born in another county/state have 2 choices; contact the county health department where they were born or contact the state health department where they were born.

Certified birth certificates may be obtained by a parent, sibling, or grandparent. One may apply for a certificate in the office, by mail, or by fax. Payment for certificates may be made with cash, money order, credit or debit card (when paying by credit card or debit card, there will be a small processing fee charged to your card). Some restrictions may apply, call (317) 346-4367 for more information.

Birth certificate via mailed application.

The Johnson County Health Department has birth records and death records for those who were born in or died in Johnson County after 1882. These records are certified legal copies, which can be used for all requests, including school registration. To obtain a copy of a birth certificate, please complete the following:

1. Print out & Complete the Application

2. Enclose a copy of your photo identification (i.e. Drivers License)

3. Money Order or Credit/debit cards accepted

(when paying by credit card or debit card, there will be a small processing fee charged to your card) 

Regular size – $10.00 per certified copy

4. Send a self-addressed stamped return envelope

Mail requests to Johnson County Health Department, 86 West Court St., Franklin, IN 46131. If you have questions, please call Cheryl Snider at (317) 346-4367 or email at .

For records of birth or death outside of Johnson County please contact the county in which the birth or death occurred in.

Birth certificate via faxed application.

When making application by fax, a credit card must be used as payment. We ask that you DO NOT send your credit card information via fax for security reasons. A phone call to (317) 346-4367 will begin the application process via fax. Some restrictions may apply, please call for additional information.

Birth certificate via emailed application.

To process by email, you may scan the application and your identification to . After this is emailed, you may call us at (317) 346-4367with your credit card information. DO NOT send your credit card information via email due to security reasons.