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Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Johnson County Juvenile Probation Department is to serve the Johnson County Circuit Court, Juvenile Division. This is accomplished by the use of evidence based practices to provide the best possible supervision and rehabilitative service to our clients in an effort to maintain a high level of safety for the community and the child.


Welcome to the Johnson County Juvenile Probation Department website. These pages are designed to provide helpful information to the community and individuals placed on probation concerning Johnson County Juvenile Probation and the agencies we collaborate with.

Juvenile Probation

All juvenile cases processed through the juvenile justice system begin with a written report, or referral. The Juvenile Division receives referrals for youth who are alleged to have committed  delinquent offenses, which are things that would be crimes if committed by an adult, or status offenses, which are acts of delinquency that only pertain to individuals under the age of 18 (truancy, incorrigibility, curfew violation, runaway and illegal consumption of alcohol).

Cases referred to the probation department will be reviewed and scheduled to meet with an intake officer to allow the child the opportunity to make a statement if they choose and to assist the probation department in gathering additional information about the child and family.

The Johnson County Juvenile Probation Department utilizes several evidence based tools to identify risks and needs for the juveniles and their families in determining how each case will be handled. Some of these tools are listed under the evaluation/assessment page.



All probation officers must be certified by the State of Indiana. Minimum requirements for certification include: twenty-one years of age, US citizenship, having received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, be of good moral character and pass a written examination within six months of hire. Probation officers must also meet continuing education requirements on a yearly basis as well as to complete an orientation program conducted by the Indiana Judicial Center within the first year of employment. Probation officers must have a working knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations, standard policies, procedures and legal terminology of the justice system, and a knowledge of and ability to make practical application of current developments, theories, and trends in behavior and supervision of probationers. The Indiana Judicial Center is charged with developing standards for probation in Indiana according to Indiana Code IC 11-13-1-8.

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