Frequently Asked Questions

My child was picked up by police and detained. Where were they taken and what happens now?

If your child was picked up in Johnson County they were brought to the Dickinson Juvenile Justice Center at 1121 Hospital Road, Franklin, IN 46131. The child will be assessed regarding their risk to re-offend and likelihood to reappear for subsequent proceedings. A determination will be made based on the Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI). You will be contacted by someone from the Juvenile Justice Center regarding the outcome of that assessment and what happens next.  You may also call the probation department during regular business hours at 346-4678 or the detention center at 346-4664 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Where is the juvenile probation department? court? detention center?

The juvenile probation department, juvenile court and juvenile detention center are all located together at the Dickinson Juvenile Justice Center at 1121 Hospital Road Franklin, IN 46184. There is a map located on our contact us page.


What are my rules?

Your rules will be similar to these but programs and special conditions will vary based on your risk and needs assessment

Probation is a privilege granted to you by the Court. By agreeing to be placed on probation, you have waived the following rights: self-incrimination and search and seizure as provided by U.S. and Indiana Constitutions. It is your responsibility to obey the following rules:

You must obey all laws.

Obey your parents at all times. You must have your parent’s permission to be away from home. At all times, your parents must know where you are, who you are with, what time you will return, and what you are doing.

No weapons. You may not possess any weapons.

Attend appointments. You must keep all appointments with your Probation Officer, be cooperative, and truthfully answer all reasonable questions.

Allow searches. You will allow a Probation Officer or Law Enforcement Officer to visit or search you or your property at any and all times.

No use of intoxicating or illegal substances. You must not consume or possess any intoxicating substance unless prescribed by a licensed physician, and you must not be in the company of anyone using or possessing intoxicating substances in an illegal manner. Any tobacco products found in your possession will be confiscated.

Drug screens. You must submit to a urine drug screen or breathalyzer upon request by a Probation Officer and will be responsible for the costs of these tests.

Obey your curfew.

If 14 years old or younger: You must be home by 7:00 p.m. on weeknights and 9:00 p.m. on weekends, unless you are with a parent or other responsible adult approved by your parent, or required by your employment and approved by your parent and your Probation Officer.

If 15 years old: You must be home by 9:00 p.m. on weeknights and 10:00 p.m. on weekends, unless you are with a parent or other responsible adult approved by your parent, or required by your employment and approved by your parent and your Probation Officer.

If 17 years old or older: You must be home by 10:00 p.m. on weeknights and 11:00 p.m. on weekends, unless you are with a parent or other responsible adult approved by your parent, or required by your employment and approved by your parent and your Probation Officer.

No overnight stays. You may not stay the night away from your home or with other juveniles without prior approval of your Probation Officer.

Out of state travel prohibited. You may not travel out of Indiana without prior approval of your Probation Officer.

Attend school or work regularly. You must be enrolled in school unless you are employed full time. You must conduct yourself according to the school or employer’s policy. If you are in school, your grades must reflect your best effort. If you are suspended or expelled from school, you will report to Johnson County Juvenile Justice Center (JCJJC) for Day Reporting the following day, and your participation in Day Reporting will continue for the length of your suspension or expulsion, or as determined by your probation officer. By signing this document and agreeing to these rules, you hereby release the County of Johnson, Indiana, and any elected official, employee, person, or participating agency affiliated with Day Reporting for any injuries or accidents that may occur as a result of participation in the program. Further, you understand and give consent for your child to be transported on occasion by a Day Reporting staff person from JCJJC to local community service sites as required by program participation.

Notify your Probation Officer. You must notify your Probation Officer within 24 hours of any change of address, telephone number, school, or employment, or any contact with any Law Enforcement Agency.

Programs. You must follow all rules and conditions and pay any fees and costs for any program(s) your court order requires:

Thinking for a Change Program
FACT Program
PRIME Program
Complete __ hours of community service learning
Family Camp Program
Parent and Adolescent Program
Functional Family Therapy Program
Electronic Home Monitoring
SHOCAP Program
Anger Management Program
Aggression Replacement Training (ART) Program
Advocates Against Impaired Driving (AAID) Program
Individual Counseling
Family Counseling
Sex Offender Treatment Program
Conversion Workshop
Restorative Justice Program
Fire STOP program
Teen Court Program by serving on Jury Duty
M.A.S.T.E.R. Project
Case Management
Informal House Arrest

Additional requirements. If your Probation Officer reasonably believes that any of the following specific additional requirements, services, or activities are necessary for the successful completion of your probation, you must complete, perform, or undergo such services within a reasonable period of time as directed by your Probation Officer.
Your Probation Officer may:

Restrict your location, including through electronic monitoring, for up to 30 days;
Restrict your activities or privileges for up to 60 days;
Assign an essay, apology letter, or other written project;
Require additional screening for alcohol or drugs;
Require participation in additional non-secure programs;
Conduct a family group meeting or administrative conference;
Require completion of 2 to 20 hours of additional community service work;
Extend your probation to complete programs or requirements.
If you disagree, you have the right to have the matter submitted to the Court for a decision.

Release of information. You must sign the Probation Release of Information form.

Costs and fees. You must pay all fees and costs assessed by the Court by the end of your probation term.

Special Conditions. You are ordered to comply with the following special conditions:
The child is ordered to attend school or be subject to secure detention. The child is not to miss school without a doctor’s excuse.

The child is ordered to not runaway or be subject to secure detention.
Obtain a mental health assessment and follow through with all recommendations of the assessment.
Obtain a family assessment and follow through with all recommendations of the assessment.
Complete a substance abuse assessment within 30 days and follow through with all recommendations.
The child must write a letter of apology to the victim within __ days.
Pay restitution.
Submit an educational plan to your probation officer within two (2) weeks.
Maintain at least a @v/letter/ average in school.
Monthly essay and present said essay to your probation officer.
You are to have no contact with __________________.

I have had the above rules given in writing and explained to me. I understand all conditions and rules and agree to follow these rules. I know that breaking these rules could result in Court action and/or placement in the Juvenile Detention Center.


As a parent or guardian, it is my responsibility to:

Inform the Probation Department of any violation of these rules and take reasonable steps to insure that my child is properly supervised.
Provide a proper role model for my child and refrain from violating the law.
At all times cooperate with my child’s Probation Officer and answer all reasonable questions from any Court representative.
Share financial responsibility for all Court Costs and Program Fees with my child.


I have had the above rules given in writing and explained to me. I understand all conditions and I know that breaking these rules could result in Court Action and/or placement of my child in the Juvenile Detention Center. I agree to waive my constitutional rights and allow reasonable search of my home or any vehicle operated by me or my child by any Juvenile Court representative to ensure my child’s compliance with these rules.






What should we bring to Community Corrections Program Orientation?

Please bring the following items with you to the first meeting:

  1. Participant and at least one parent/guardian
  2. Participant’s Social Security Number
  3. Participant’s Insurance Card
  4. Money Order payable to Community Correction for the program fees marked with the child’s name and program name
  5. The child’s sports schedule with game dates



Can I leave the State of Indiana while on probation?

Probationers cannot leave the State of Indiana without approval from their Probation Officer.

How do I pay my fees?

All Court related fees, including restitution are paid through the Johnson County Clerk on the first floor of the Courthouse. They may also be mailed (money order only) to: Johnson County Clerk, Courthouse 1st Floor, 5 E. Jefferson St., Franklin, IN 46131.

All Probation , drug screen and diversion fees are paid at the juvenile probation department. They may also be mailed (money order only) to: 1121 Hospital Road Franklin, IN 46131

Payments can be made toward fees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Go to

Enter PLC 6670 for Probation fees, Drug screen fees and Diversion fees

Enter PLC 7220 for Court Costs

Enter PLC A0006L for Community Corrections program fees

there is an internet service fee of 3.5% (minimum $3.50)

Can I drop off fees after hours?

Yes, payments in the form of a money order may be placed in the drop off box located at the front window of the Probation Department

make sure you put your child’s name and what the money order is for (program, probation fees) on the money order

Does the Clerk’s Office take personal checks or credit cards?

The Clerk’s Office will accept only cash or money orders. If you are mailing in your payment, make sure to write your cause number on the money order. This is the number that appears on all of your court information, such as 41xxx-xxxx-xxxxxx.

Tips for completing probation successfully:

* Review and understand all of your conditions of probation.

* Think before you act. Slow yourself down and think a few steps ahead.

* Surround yourself with law-abiding people who really want to see you do well, such as friends, family, co-workers, and formal support groups.

* Take ownership of your probation by becoming an active participant.

* Be open to the guidance from your Probation Officer.

* The responsibility for making changes in your life is yours.


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