Adult Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI)

The AAPI-2 is an inventory designed to assess the parenting and child rearing attitudes of adolescents and adult parent and pre-parent populations. Based on the known parenting and child rearing behaviors of abusive parents, responses to the inventory provide an index of risk for practicing behaviors known to be attributable to child abuse and neglect. The AAPI-2 is the revised and re-normed version of the original AAPI first developed in 1979.


Responses to the AAPI-2 provide an index of risk in five specific parenting and child rearing behaviors:

  • Construct A – Expectations of Children
  • Construct B – Parental Empathy towards Children’s Needs
  • Construct C – Use of Corporal Punishment
  • Construct D – Parent-Child Family Roles
  • Construct E – Children’s Power and Independence

Validity and Reliability

The AAPI-2, like its predecessor the AAPI is a validated and reliable inventory used to assess parenting attitudes. Over 30 years of research has gone into refining the AAPI.


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