This department records documents on microfilm and compact disks for county offices.

Types of information that have been recorded on microfilm include:

  • Marriage certificates
  • Marriage applications starting in 1882
  • Estate files
  • Guardianship files
  • Civil files
  • Divorce files
  • Criminal files

There is a fee of $1 per page of a document on microfilm or CD.

Computer-printed indexes of the filmed records available for public viewing in the microfilm dept are:

  • Marriages in Johnson County from 1830 through 1994 (Indexed by Bride or Groom’s name)
  • Estates probated from 1830 through 1999 – Guardianship causes from 1830 through 1994
  • Civil files (includes divorce files) from 1935 through 2001
  • Criminal files from 1935 through 1997 – Divorce files through 1994

These indexes are listings of the names involved in the cases, the date the case was filed, the cause number where applicable, and the reel of microfilm on which the document can be found.

Specific requests for copies of documents within the date ranges listed above may be made to the Microfilm department.

More recent documents must be requested from the Johnson County Clerk’s Office at (317) 346-4450.