Mobile Home Permits

In order to move or transfer the title to a mobile home located in Johnson County, a mobile home permit (State Form No. 7878) is required to be issued by the Johnson County Treasurer’s Office.

Prior to issuing a mobile home permit, all taxes, penalties, judgements, and special assessments must be paid. This includes all delinquent tax and may include estimated taxes for the current year.

  • All taxes, penalties, etc. must be paid at the Treasurer’s Office with certified funds, i.e. money order, cashier’s check, or cash.
  • The original title for the mobile home must be presented to the Treasurer’s Office when requesting a mobile home permit.
  • A receipt is required for any judgements that have been paid directly to A.F.C.S.  Click Here

         Additional information may be found on the State of Indiana website. Click Here