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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Vacant Senior Planner Planning & Zoning   317-346-4351
Alvey, Elizabeth Auditor Auditor 317-346-4312
Armbruster, Dave Probation Officer Probation 317-346-4519
Baird, Brian County Commissioner District 1 (2024 Chairman) Commissioners 317-346-4304
Barrick, Shannon Director of Alcohol and Drug Services Probation  
Barton, Kevin Presiding Judge of Johnson County Superior Court 1 Superior Court 1   317-346-4413
Bayless, Terry Environmental Health Specialist Health   317-346-4365
Betiku, Paul Environmental Health Specialist/Asthma Program Health 317-346-4370
Biddlecombe, Keith Part-time Building Inspector Planning & Zoning 317-346-4350
Brown, Lisa Director of Nursing Health 317-346-4381
Bruther, Kristi Director Juvenile Detention  
Burgess, Duane Sheriff Sheriff   317-736-4601
Burgett, Michelle Probation Officer Probation 317-739-3932
Burkhart, Elizabeth Registered Nurse Health 317-346-4378
Burton, Pam Council Member District 1 County Council  
Buteau, Connor Helpdesk Technician Information Technology 317-739-3422
Cantwell, Gregg Surveyor Surveyor   317-346-4343
Castro, Valerie Administrative Deputy Coroner County Coroner  
Cataldi, Michelle Administrative Assistant at Johnson County Museum of History Museum of History 317-346-4500
Chambers, Cynthia Court 4 Court Assistant Superior Court 4   317-346-4362
Clark, Marla Presiding Judge of Superior Court 4 Superior Court 4   317-346-4483
Copeman, Jasmine Deputy Coroner County Coroner  
Cornejo, Rebecca Deputy Coroner County Coroner  
Cornett, Dan Subdivision Inspector, Storm Water Specialist, CISEC Planning & Zoning 317-346-4356
Costley, Tiffany Assistant County Attorney Commissioners 317-346-4302
Staff 1-25 of 122